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Ukraine to boost Belarus border defenses as Putin meets Lukashenko

According to a government official, Ukraine is fortifying its border defenses with Belarus out of concern that Russia may be planning another attack.

Yevhen Yemen, Ukraine's delegate inside the server, let the Jejalnews know that his nation would build up the Belarusian boundary with troops and weapons.

The news broke as Vladimir Putin was on the way to Minsk to meet with Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of Belarus.

Belarus and Russia and Ukraine are line neighbors.

Afterward, the Russian president directed the fixing of social control both inside and beyond Russia. He contended that the security administrations ought to quickly thwart any endeavor to break A Russian area, counter dangers from abroad, and find spies and double-crossers.

Moreover, he expressed that the exceptional administrations ought to ensure the security of occupants of the districts of Ukraine that Moscow claims as its region. Russia as of late had striking military misfortunes in a portion of these districts, most eminently Kherson.

The organized military drills among Belarus and Russia's powers positioned there were reported by the Russian safeguard service.

In light of this and the visit, Mr. Yenin expressed: "We are reinforcing our guards wherever along the Russian and Belarusian lines."

Regardless of not effectively taking part in the contention, Belarus allowed Russian fighters to use its dirt to start the attack in February.

Just days before Russia's full-scale invasion, Belarus and Russia conducted joint military exercises close to the Ukrainian border in February.
Just days before Russia's full-scale invasion, Belarus and Russia conducted joint military exercises close to the Ukrainian border in February.

Moscow is coming down on Minsk to build its support in the "unique military activity".

In any case, Dmitry Peskov, a representative for the Kremlin, condemned the reports as "totally moronic, unjustifiable creations."

The two chiefs met in Belarus without precedent for three and a half years when President Putin went to Minsk for conversations with President Lukashenko.

The experience, which endured over two hours, was alluded to as a "working visit."

President Putin expressed during a joint public interview that Russia didn't try to "ingest" anybody. Furthermore, he said that an anonymous "foe" expected to defeat Belarus' unification with Russia.

Putin's assertion was the "level of incongruity," as per US State Division representative Ned Cost, taking into account that he is effectively attempting to add on Ukraine, he added later on Monday.

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Analysis box by Steve Rosenberg, Russia editor

Something uncommon happened today: Vladimir Putin got on a plane and traveled to Minsk. Presently, President Putin and President Alexander Lukashenko meet a ton - yet in Russia.

Without precedent for three-and-a-half years, here was President Putin in Belarus. So for what reason did he go… and why now?

There were not many pieces of information at the joint public interview as the two chiefs talked a ton about financial relations, exchange, yet in addition security.

President Putin demonstrated that some Belarusian military airplanes have been re-prepared to possibly convey atomic rockets and that Russia is assisting with preparing their teams.

Consequently, President Lukashenko expressed gratitude toward him for giving Belarus an S-400 air guard framework and Iskander's long-range rocket framework.

"Ukraine" was barely referenced - openly.

However, the visit has fuelled the hypothesis that the Kremlin chief might be attempting to pressure the head of Belarus into joining a potential new ground hostile in Ukraine.

This may be sure to be only gossip. Or on the other hand a ploy by Moscow to cause Ukraine to anticipate Belarusian hostility thus tying up Ukrainian troopers in the north.

Be that as it may, there are allegedly a few thousand Russian fighters currently in Belarus and there have been joint activities.

As of not long ago, Alexander Lukashenko has been hesitant to commit his soldiers to battle in Ukraine.

Everyone is focused on Minsk to check whether that stays the case.

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